Friday, March 30, 2007

Like sands through the hour glass.... slips the ranking of Texas.

The new US News and World Report ranking of law schools came out this week, and Texas has slipped on down two spots to #18. This also resulted in Vandy and USC hurdling Texas.

Guess the upping of out of state admissions basically didn't help them at all.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rants of the day:

1. Those sunflower committee bricks? They've been blocked off for a week. Either the bricks are dry, or the mortar hasn't been poured yet. And if they didn't have the mortar, they shouldn't have laid the bricks yet. Either way, I'm tired of walking around the yellow police tape. I think we should draw a chalk outline of a dead body inside it in protest.

2. Driving to study group a few days ago with my books, laptop, and a few supplemental materials, I hit a pinnacle in my law school career. I had enough weight in books in my passenger seat to engage the sensor for my passenger seat air bag. My books are as heavy as a human being. No wonder my shoulders always hurt.

3. As far as has been announced, there is no bar tab at bar review this week. How are we supposed to actively convince prospectives that we are happy, well-adjusted, people who aren't under way too much stress if we actually have to pay for our drinks? Further, how do we celebrate what (for many of us) is the anniversary of the first time we met our classmates if we're still just imbibing on our humble (if not already spent) loan money?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Lioness is on the Bandwagon....

Lest there be any doubt, Lunching With Lions is very excited to support


for SBA President.
Good luck to all the candidates, and be sure to vote on Wednesday.
P.s. I know there was apparently some blog-nastiness regarding last year's SBA elections. Comments and discussion about the race is welcome here, but if I get one mean-spirited nasty comment, I will shut them down faster than you can say hanging chad. Debauchery, however, is open to it.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An open letter to springtime on the first official day of spring...

Dear Spring,

We've always had quite the lovely friendship going on. I start to get really sick of winter and boom! There you are to cheer me up. I noticed that the bluebonnets have started blooming in the past few days, a bird is nesting in the tree outside my balcony (much to my cat's chagrin, but I digress), and the greenbelt has started to live up to its name and change back from dull, dead, and brown to lush, green, and happy.

But spring, we have to talk. You are making it a little too gorgeous every day when I get out of morning classes. It's been impossible lately for me to want to do anything but go for a walk or go kayaking or just generally be outside. Crim Law can't compete with lovely 72 degree clear skies, with just hint of a breeze. As it is, Crim Law can barely compete with a blizzard or a monsoon.

So I ask you for just this one little favor, spring: can you start making the weather suck around 1:45 Monday-Wednesday? Just enough so that I look outside, assess the icky weather, and decide that I might as well go to Crim since bad weather gives me no excuse to leave early. Maybe you can even get in cahoots with summer of fall to accomplish this. In return, I'll stop attacking every stinging insect that lands within 100 ft of my place with Raid, and I'll finally throw away the dead hanging plant on my balcony that died 6 months ago.

Glad we could work things out,
The Lioness

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Over that quickly?

If you're anything like me, you woke up today and realized it was Sunday, and that meant classes actually start back tomorrow. And that's a real bummer, because if you spring break-ed properly, you are probably wishing you had a break in which to recover from your spring break.

While I can't help with that wish, I can share some of the amazing bands that I discovered at SXSW to help you cope:

If you're feeling bluesy, and need someone to commiserate, try Paper Sun
If you're feeling angry, and want to yell it out, try Valient Thorr
If you're just getting back from a Latin country, and don't want it to be over yet, try the Monas.
If you're feeling nostalgic for simpler days, try the Presidents of the United States of America
If you're feeling all introspective and emo, try The Walkmen

And if you're feeling something else...go find a music blog or something, this isn't really what we do here.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

What I've Managed to Accomplish the First Three Days of Spring Break:

-Went to Austin Java
-Convinced a friend to help me clean about 1/2 of my apartment
-Visited another friend
-Took a nap

-Woke up around 11 (in all fairness, I didn't go to sleep till dawn the night before)
-Went to Freebirds for a hangover-be-gone lunch
-Took a nap
-Watched Van Wilder

-Tried to go for a run, but got rained on and had to cut it short
-Watched Comedy Central for a while
-Edited my myspace profile

So, in other words, I've managed to accomplish NOTHING in my first three days of spring break. And I absolutely love that fact. Wishing you all a happy nothingess as well. And because the only thinking I hope to do this week is decide between whether I want beer or a margariata, I leave you with someone else's thoughtful writing: "Where the Supreme Court is going on spring break" by W&V


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Trails, To You

Time to purge the outdated links again:

Cavalier Law is a second semester 3L. We really can't blame him for slacking.
Juddge's last post was ironically named "Die Die Die," which is just what his blog did, did, did.
Longhorn Law's dissapearance coincided with him getting a girlfriend.
Chicken Wings & Beer probably just got tired of being compared to Buffalo Wings & Vodka
Law School Virgin decided she'd rather pull out before she was finished (I meant with law school, you perv.)
The Littlest Tortfeaser also left the law school game for greener pastures.

And I also fixed the link for:
My So-Called Law School (I'm pretty sure she told me she was changing domain names a while back and I just forgot to change it. Sorry for the delay.)


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Snowcone Wars

So this has nothing to do with law school, but I was just kinda wondering...

What's with the snowcone turf wars going on at S. Lamar and Barton Springs Rd? When I first moved here, I immediately noticed Sno-Beach, snuggled into it's corner of the P. Terry's parking lot. Seeing as how, in the summer months, the line for their snowcones usually was at least 10-15 people long, it was hard not to notice. I always had a theory that they laced their snowcones with lithium or ritalin, and desperate parents took their kids there for a downer so they could have a moment of peace.

But now, Sno-Beach is occupying a corner of the Barton Springs Saloon parking lot and a new snowcone stand has moved into the P-Terry's lot, which is all of about 100 yards away.

What the hell is going on? Does South Austin need this many snowcones? Which stand will win out in this shaved ice war? Oh, the humanity!


Monday, March 05, 2007

Tlf it to me

So, it's TLF fundraising week everybody, which this blog fully supports. Help your fellow students out, and all that sutff.

But one wonders, why have the professors agree to bribe us into pledging with such mundane things? Pizza, ice cream, beer....I can buy all of those things for myself. I'd rather watch the professor's experience some good old fashioned humiliation. Everyone in the class gets to throw a pie in a professor's face? Now we're talking. Perhaps the professors have to mud wrestle each other. Or better yet, force the professors to go to each other's classes, then have them critique each other a la American Idol. Now THAT would be a thing I would pay to see.

Perhaps that's just week before spring break tension, though.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Passion for Fashion

Let's face it: most of us don't particularly enjoy dressing up for firm receptions. But at the same time, common phrases like "business dress" and "business casual" do keep (most of) us dressed as we should be for firm events.

Then, in an attempt to be cutesy, someone had to go and invent "snappy casual". This detestable term, ostensibly meaning nicer than casual but less than business cas--I usually wear nice jeans, a blouse, and heels--is even ok in moderation. You're trying to be cool, we get it.

But tomorrow's reception really takes the cake for dress instructions. We were told to dress "Austin casual". Now, for me, one of the things I like best about Austin is that you could ask ten different Austinites their definition of that term and get ten different responses. Is dressing like Leslie considered "Austin casual"? He certainly epitomizes Austin, and his look could certainly be described (perhaps as an understatement) as casual. Or maybe wearing a UT sports t-shirt, as so many Austin residents do, day in and day out, would suffice. I've been told Austin has more triathletes than any other city in the country--could one of their hot spandex outfits be considered "Austin casual"? Or better yet still, why don't I just have the hippies that hang out on the drag and near Barton Springs Pool dress me?

In the end, none of this is actually important, seeing as how I would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than go to a firm reception on a Friday night. It's even easy enough to know what they want us to wear--probably the same thing I would wear to something "snappy casual"--but the point remains that a city as unique as Austin can't and shouldn't be pigeonholed into one commonly accepted definiton. And for that, I am thankful.