Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Professor Glannon, I am your father...

IM conversation from earlier today

Friend of Lioness (12:25:23 PM): Can I bring Glannon to the Civ Pro final?
Lioness (12:25:41 PM): i don't think so
Lioness (12:25:54 PM): she said something about only works of your personal creation
Friend of Lioness (12:26:05 PM): no, I meant can I bring Professor Glannon?
Lioness (12:26:18 PM): haha
Lioness (12:26:20 PM): yeah, that should be fine.
Friend of Lioness (12:26:17 PM): ok, good.



At 6:58 PM, May 09, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glannon was the only way I made it through Civ. Pro.last year. Why do professors even bother assigning a casebook for the class? All you need is Glannons and you are set.


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