Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Update on the Laptop Situation/Just call me the king

It's fixed.

$180 and three hours of work later, the WONDERFUL people at PC Guru on S. Lamar were able to figure out that the AC jack had become loose from the motherboard and fixed it. The best part: one of the dudes that work there totally looked and talked like Dumbledore.

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes or offers to use their laptops tomorrow, times like this really make me realize how happy I am I went to a law school where people are nice and not scarily cutthroat or whatever.

On the upside, I've found my Elvis-like uppers and downers combo for finals. The upper is a venti iced coffee with two shots of espresso, low fat milk, and three sweet-n-lows (which is free thanks to the lovely Starbucks gift card my summer job sent me). The downer is a beer, three advil, and a hot bath. Sure, it's probably leading to an ulcer, but at this point, I don't really care.

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At 2:17 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger 1L @ UT Law said...

after reading your last post... i preceded to have a (very unoriginal) nightmare that the same happened to my laptop. the dream ended with me failing out of law school.

glad to see that the real-life sequence of events had a happy ending :)

At 3:35 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger 1L @ UT Law said...

ugh, proceed not precede. i may manage to fail out of law school w/o the help of a laptop malfunction!

At 1:04 AM, May 02, 2007, Blogger ScottyB said...

That's pretty weak, coffee and a single beer... get back to me when you're crushing up adderall to snort and polishing a bottle of wine to your dome every night.

At 9:58 PM, May 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something that I noticed on the Crimlaw exam today: you're supposed to write in the name of the owner of the laptop you're using; I'm not sure if that means you're allowed to borrow others' laptops? :-/


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