Tuesday, May 08, 2007

They're everywhere!

A friend of mine who occasionally reads this blog has recently started culinary school. Recently, after hearing me explain the concept of a law school gunner, he became enthralled with the crossover potential of the gunner concept.

So apparently he told his culinary school friends. They loved it. But they also took it a few giant steps further:

Now, when their gunner speaks in class, a large crowd will shout "Bang!" at the end of his question/assinine comment. On particularly gunnerish days, they will mime finger pistols at him every time they see him in the halls. When the gunner argues with other students in class, the other student will fake a painful death and ask the gunner why he shot them.

The moral of this story is two part: a) gunners, beware...the people preparing your food at prestigious restaurants hate your kind too and b) isn't it just like law students to come up with the good ideas, only to fall short on total execution. Had we been doing any of these things in class to our gunners...well....I at least probably would have gone to Crim more often!



At 8:57 PM, May 13, 2007, Blogger Silly Little Law Student said...

That's awesome.

My friends and I got so annoyed at the gunners (and the fact that they seemed to multiply over winter break) that we went beyond the normal gunner bingo.... and created the Gunner Fantasy League. We all had money riding on it. We picked our gunner teams of 5 people through a draft. Even had a mid-season trade for low performing gunners.

It made me actually go to class so I could track gunner points.


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