Sunday, May 20, 2007

A thorny problem

I'm completely enamored with the fact that the last source included in the Law Review write-on packet is Poison's "Every Rose has its Thorn." I wonder if the hair band ever imagined they would be nestled in among Locke and Machiavelli or some of the most famous Supreme Court opinions ever written. Somehow I doubt it.

Still, I'm tempted to see the inclusion as both a challenge and a warning. If I was Editor in Chief, those 10 write-on-only spots would go exclusively to people who had managed to include the power ballad in their commentary on the constitutionality of torture or warrantless searches. I mean, hell, that's showing both some balls and some creativity.

On the other hand, I also like to see the song as an analogy to law review membership in general. Sure, that line on your resume would be mighty nice, but do you really want to write the tedious essay? Work the long hours? Cite check till your eyes bleed?

Sing it to me, Bret Michaels, sing it to me.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Professor Glannon, I am your father...

IM conversation from earlier today

Friend of Lioness (12:25:23 PM): Can I bring Glannon to the Civ Pro final?
Lioness (12:25:41 PM): i don't think so
Lioness (12:25:54 PM): she said something about only works of your personal creation
Friend of Lioness (12:26:05 PM): no, I meant can I bring Professor Glannon?
Lioness (12:26:18 PM): haha
Lioness (12:26:20 PM): yeah, that should be fine.
Friend of Lioness (12:26:17 PM): ok, good.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

They're everywhere!

A friend of mine who occasionally reads this blog has recently started culinary school. Recently, after hearing me explain the concept of a law school gunner, he became enthralled with the crossover potential of the gunner concept.

So apparently he told his culinary school friends. They loved it. But they also took it a few giant steps further:

Now, when their gunner speaks in class, a large crowd will shout "Bang!" at the end of his question/assinine comment. On particularly gunnerish days, they will mime finger pistols at him every time they see him in the halls. When the gunner argues with other students in class, the other student will fake a painful death and ask the gunner why he shot them.

The moral of this story is two part: a) gunners, beware...the people preparing your food at prestigious restaurants hate your kind too and b) isn't it just like law students to come up with the good ideas, only to fall short on total execution. Had we been doing any of these things in class to our gunners...well....I at least probably would have gone to Crim more often!


The Effects of Finals

I don't really have the time/energy/desire to write out a whole interesting post, but I did want to relay a few of the things that I've found humorous so far during finals:

1. While in general, I would say that the female law students at UT are a fashionable, well-groomed bunch of ladies, that certainly goes right out the window during finals. Looking around my Contracts exam, not a single girl was wearing her hair down, and I didn't spy any makeup going on either. Of course, this isn't really to say that the guys are any better. Debauchery has the commentary on the unfortunate sweat pants trend.

2. I kid you not when I say that people had sports-taped their fingers prior to my most recent exam (which included 1.5 hours writing/prep time before we could use our computers) in order to avoid blisters. That'

3. I was going to make a joke about how socially-conscious it is for UT to employ the mentally disabled as proctors, but then I realized it would really be an insult to the mentally disabled to associate them with this special brand of idiots. Hey students services, here's an idea...why don't you have the proctors open Extegrity once on a computer before having them read off instructions they don't understand to others?

4. You know you are a law student dork when: you go to see Hot Fuzz with some friends, including one other law student. When at one point, the cop charges someone with "conspiracy" both you and your classmate, shove their fists in the air and shout "yesss!" because you both know that that was EXACTLY the right thing to charge.

5. There really is a darth of good post-finals drinking spots within walking distance. I mean, Crown & Anchor is great, but beer alone just isn't going to do it for me right after a final. Trudy's is more than happy to take care of the liquor (Mmm, Mexican Martinis..), but the presence of the suit-laden business lunch crowd really kills some of the fun. Cain and Abel's would be a good choice, excepts it's usually filled with undergrad frat boys. I'm thinking perhaps I'll just pack a flask for my last final....

....oh my, it really almost is my last final of my 1L year. Wow.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Update on the Laptop Situation/Just call me the king

It's fixed.

$180 and three hours of work later, the WONDERFUL people at PC Guru on S. Lamar were able to figure out that the AC jack had become loose from the motherboard and fixed it. The best part: one of the dudes that work there totally looked and talked like Dumbledore.

Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes or offers to use their laptops tomorrow, times like this really make me realize how happy I am I went to a law school where people are nice and not scarily cutthroat or whatever.

On the upside, I've found my Elvis-like uppers and downers combo for finals. The upper is a venti iced coffee with two shots of espresso, low fat milk, and three sweet-n-lows (which is free thanks to the lovely Starbucks gift card my summer job sent me). The downer is a beer, three advil, and a hot bath. Sure, it's probably leading to an ulcer, but at this point, I don't really care.

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