Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Livin la vida loca!

If the title of this post made you think about anything other than karaoke, you obviously weren't out with the 0L's at Cedar Street last night.

I assume karaoke is probably a good warm up to the 1L year. A bad karaoke performance is probably a lot like crashing and burning during a socratic torture session, except at karaoke, your friends are laughing with you not at you, you've had ample amounts of alcohol to ease the embarassment, and best of all, you don't realize how bad you're sucking.

Wait. Nevermind. Those things aren't similar at all.

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Monday, July 24, 2006


Now that people are actually reading this blog, I've become incredibly fond of my stat counter. Namely, in checking what networks people are viewing me from. So far, my most prestigious visitors include someone from Baker Botts in Dallas, someone in a federal court building in Houston, and a few different IP addresses at Skadden in L.A. While I would like to think that the hiring partners of those firms stumbled onto my humble blog, were immensely impressed, and are now actively searching out my true identity so that they can offer me a 1L summer associateship before I ever even set foot in a classroom, I doubt that's the case. But, hey, a girl can dream, right?

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Hour x2

Last night there was another OL happy hour, planned by yours truly. Twenty people showed, which is the largest attendance we've had yet. We started at Hickory Street Grill for drinks, then moved to Jaime's Spanish Village for dinner and drinks, then onto 6th for more drinks. Today's observations are as follows:

1. I am not the drunkest 0L. I realized this while dragging (literally, dragging) a fellow 0L home at 2:30 a.m. And, on a more general note: to my fellow ladies out there--saying "I never get this drunk" over and over again convinces no one of your general soberness, only of your current wastedness.

2. Lots of flirting tonight. They should take everyone who hooks up with a classmate before class even starts, put them in one section, and call it "Survivor: Horny Law Students." If nothing else, it would at least ensure there was always a fair amount of gossip to discuss on Bar Review nights.

3. If we consider this whole night "happy hour" then we are going to need to extend the definition of hour to include around 400 minutes, cause I didn't get home till 3:00.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Quit yer Bitchin"

I just had a very bizarre conversation with the financial aid office. While the lady I talked to informed me that final scholarship letters would be going out this week, she also told how she "hated EID's, because they all sound the same, and what university moron came up with them anyways?" Also, "the letters are sitting on my desk, and I might as well quit my bitching and send them out." Finally, when she noticed my address was in Austin, I was told she'd "give me 39 cents if I just want to come pick it up myself and save her the trouble of putting it in an envelope."

Strange, but oddly comforting. Linda Alba is a take-no-prisoners kinda gal.



Now THIS is a freaking layout.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Get em while they're hot

So apparently this week the current UT law students (namely the current single male UT law students) discovered the class of 2009 myspace group. In that time I've gotten message, friend requests, and comments from three different bachelors.

In my cynical mind, their sentiments of "let me know if I can help you settle in" and "you seem really interesting, what classes are you taking?" sound more like "Hey baby, what's your sign? Giggidy-giggidy!"

Oh well. Maybe I can flirt their outlines out of them.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Hour(s)

So last night I attended a happy hour with about 10 of my fellow 0Ls, and got to meet some interesting people. We started at El Chile for margaritas, then moved to Crown and Anchor for beer and darts, then finally to Freddie's for dinner and washer and some bluegrass music. My thoughts on the night are as follows:

1. Attention everyone in the law class with children: happy hour is about alcohol. It is not a place to bring your toddler. There will surely be events where your toddler can run amok and not bother a soul, however, happy hours are not one of them.

2. I believe I discovered the guy who will inevitably be the law school player. Law school is like high school right? This guy's gonna be our Zach Morris.

3. The quickest way to sort the serious from the not-so-serious students at this point appears to make mentions of the big name Texas firms. If you talk about V&E, half the crowd stares blankly while the other half gets a bloodthirsty look in their eyes then smile to reveal their fangs. Go figure.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Baby, you can drive my car the Manor garage. Instead of being able to purchase directly into the San Jacinto garage that is right by the law school, I have to buy one in the Manor garage, which is across campus. Apparently this will allow me the chance of getting into the San Jacinto garage by transfer either this fall or this spring. Crossing my fingers on this one.

I also went out and bought Black's Law Dictionary today. So it begins.