Friday, June 16, 2006

I declare...

So this week actually contained a bevy of psuedo law-related things. I sent in my letter of intent, passport pictures, final transcript, and immunization records to UT.

And then, I decided I would get ahead of the curve a little by assembling my Declaration of Intent to Study Law, which is like a pre Bar-application application. And let me just tell you, this thing is ridiculous. Here are some questions:

Do you support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Texas?'s the thing. I have no issue supporting the US constitution, but I don't really recall ever reading the Texas constitution. So I downloaded it, thinking I might glance over it. It's 214 pages long! And, just as I figured, it has some weird shit in it. I seriously have to swear that I support this?

Have you within the past ten years...ever abused alcohol?

See, I think this might be a trick question. Cause you would think you are supposed to say no, right? But every single lawyer or law student I've ever met drinks like a fish, so maybe it's just a test.

Within the last ten years....have you ever been diagnosed with...schizophrenia?

If someone was, would they have to fill out different declarations for all of their personalities?

So as you can see, this is a little ridiculous in my opinion. Ahhh, Texas.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Summer in Austin

So, you may notice that I haven't posted since I moved. That's because there's really nothing law school-related going on for me right now. My life consists of sleeping till 9 or 10, reading the Statesman over breakfast, either jogging on the hike and bike or kayaking on Town Lake, being bored for the next few hours, and then trying to find anyone to hang out with at night.

The problem is that no other law school people have really moved here yet. So it's kinda hard to meet people, figuring that I am working from scratch. But I'm settling in to Austin nicely. Ya gotta start somewhere, I guess.

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