Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It just doesn't suit me

With firm reception, interviews, and spring OCI all either in progress or coming up soon, I decided that today was a good day to break out my buisiness suits. Trying them on, I realized once again: I hate business suits.

I don't think women look good in suits, neither the skirt nor pant varieties. Not that they really should be expected to. Women's suits weren't created by designers who envisioned how to make women look beautiful and feminine--they were designed to make women blend in with men.

Granted, I come from the world of entertainment PR in Los Angeles, where the only appropriate office wear was tight fitting jeans that cost well over 100 bucks and the tallest strappy sandals you could manage. (I know those of you who have rarely seen me out of flip flops may find that suprising, but it's true. I was much more stylish back when I actually had to be.) But even business casual is just so much more flattering.

Don't get me wrong, a well-dressed man in a classy suit is hot. But there's a reason suits aren't the choice of the hot Hollywood bombshells--women look better in other things, namely, dresses. Suit jackets are just so severe and boring and drab. 1-button or 2-button should not be the end all, be all fashion decision for the rest of our lives. Alas.

[End rant]

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At 5:53 PM, January 02, 2007, Blogger angela said...

I feel your pain. I hate wearing business suits, and as soon as I get home from interviews, I change ASAP.

At 8:07 PM, January 03, 2007, Blogger The Fox said...

If it makes you feel any better Lioness, there's something about women in suits that I find surprisingly attractive. Not quite the same as the LA PR world, but attractive in a different way.

At 10:19 PM, January 03, 2007, Blogger Ruth said...

I've been known to keep flip flops in the OCI reception area where the black couches are, that way I can slip them on immediately after walking out of an interview. :)

Also, I am pretty short, but too cheap and lazy to have my suits altered properly other than having pants hemmed. So my sleeves are always always too long, and I'm left feeling like a little girl playing dress-up in her mother's clothes every time I interview. Ugh.

At 3:32 AM, January 04, 2007, Blogger 1L @ UT Law said...


i was fairly happy with a new suit i received as a christmas gift until one of the jacket buttons spontaneously popped off--and landed in my SALAD--in the middle of today's lunch interview.


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