Wednesday, November 01, 2006

IKEA Rocks

The e-mail I just got made writing this entire blog entirely worth it:

"Dear Lioness,

We have noticed your blog and although you probably do not consider yourself as traditional media, I would like to invite you to the IKEA Press Preview Day next week in the event you may wish to view IKEA Round Rock before the public. Perhaps this may be of interest to your readers?

IKEA is coming to Central Texas!
Please join us at [time]...for the IKEA Round Rock Press Preview on [date] ([#] days before our grand opening to the public on November 15)! This official ‘sneak peek’ at Central Texas’ own 252,000 square-foot IKEA store includes personalized tours to see our 50 room settings, 3 model homes, 256-seat restaurant, Swedish Foodmarket, supervised children’s play area and more! Interview opportunities will also be available.
Experience the uniqueness of IKEA, touch products, ask questions, and snack on Swedish specialties.

I look forward to hearing from you"

Now, people, I used to work in Public Relations before I came to law school. I can totally relate to wanting to get coverage for your event. So for stroking my ego, IKEA, you totally get a mention on the blog. I own several lovely items from this fine Swedish establishment. Everyone: go shop at IKEA.



At 8:04 PM, November 01, 2006, Blogger T said...

Congrats on the notariety. ALL of my furniture (couch/entertainment center/desk/bed/dresser) is from IKEA. I'm a student what else could I afford?

HOW have people at UT survived without and IKEA? Literally everyone that lives near me has at least one, if not many things from that store.

At 7:58 AM, November 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sooooooooooo excited. not about the furniture.. i dont need any.

excited about the food! :)

At 10:01 AM, November 02, 2006, Anonymous TJ said...

Wow, you're easy. I used to work in the media (Good guys). I'd have asked for several photos, details of the event, made some special requests, dragged it for a week and then told we don't really cover that kind of event.

The more professional the PR person calling the more nonchalant I was. The more she (do guys work in PR?) sounded new the more helpful I was.

(Yall aren't really evil, sometimes you sent booze.)


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