Friday, October 13, 2006

Cold Weather!

So a cold front has blown through Austin, and it is currently a lovely 68 degrees outside! How fantastic is that? I love the first cold front of the year. What better reason than to throw on a sweater and burrow under a blanket for some quality time torts book.

Cause, ya know, nothing makes me feel more warm and fuzzy inside than personal injury law.



At 10:02 AM, October 13, 2006, Blogger Lawmommy said...

See, now that's the Lioness I like to read!

At 12:05 PM, October 13, 2006, Blogger The Lioness said...

Haha, and that's what I like to write! I'm hoping the other stuff will die down soon...I know people needed a place to express their opinions, but it's starting to get repetitive.

At 2:16 PM, October 13, 2006, Blogger T said...

Gotta say I'm glad it's not my school, but for the sake of the students not involved, I hope it dies down for oyu guys.

At 8:12 PM, October 15, 2006, Anonymous TJ said...

It got chilly here too. 39 degrees. I miss Texas.


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