Sunday, April 02, 2006

UT-Austin Admitted Students Weekend, in three's:

Top three things overheard at Admitted Students Day:
1. Katie from Plano: "I'd sell my soul for a photographic memory. My aunt has one."
Me: "What? A soul or a photographic memory?"
Katie: "Oh, just the memory. She's already an attorney."

2. Justin from Boston, on the Duck bus driver: "I hate to sound negative, but does anyone else realize that this blue collar comedy tour is scheduled to go on for another hour?!"

3. Anonymous current law student: "This is my favorite time of year. Get to check out all the new puss--" (notices that Professor Solokow is standind right next to him, tries desperately to change word to something else) "--pursuant to the constitution. Right. Um, gotta go."

Top three ridiculous moments of Admitted Students Day:
1. Two words: Duck bus.
2. Getting drunk at Trudy's BEFORE the bar review.
3. Gunner bingo in the mock classes

Top three messages they shoved down our throats at Admitted Students Day:
1. We're a bargain!, we are if you're a resident, anyways.
2. Hey, did anyone hear that we won the Rose Bowl? Cause we're gonna feel the need to tell you about every 8 seconds, if you haven't.
3. We're a national school! No, really. No, seriously, we are. We're not fucking joking. WE ARE, DAMNIT! (Thou dost protesteth too much?)

Top three realizations about Admitted Students Day:
1. Witty and entertaining conversations are much easier when all parties involved are qualified to be members of Mensa.
2. Hot, single male law students are not hard to come by, whereas hot, single female law students are harder to come by. Score!
3. I'm officially attending UT.



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