Saturday, March 11, 2006

Announcing my frustration!

Today's annoyance on the road to law school: graduation announcements.

Graduation announcements, the long standing Southern tradition used to weasel money out of relatives and your parent's friends, is hopefully going to go to the "Whitney needs a nice suit or two for law school" fund. Of course, that is if I ever send any out.

My school's grad announcements were total crap. Instead of printing on good stock notecard paper, the announcements came on lightweight 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper, which they expected you to fold into quarters. In other words, tacky. For a school that takes pride in its rich and famous alums, you would think they wouldn't contract with such crappy producer.

So, onto the next option--getting them printed by a printer. Of course, I live in California, land of the luxe. So, the cheapest printer option I found that I actually liked was around $450 for 100 invitations. No thanks.

Next stop: the internet. If you trust that they will print it the way you tell them to without seeing a real life proof or anything, this is a pretty good deal. Of course, you basically have to order wedding announcements instead of grad announcements, so other than what's written on them there are no visual clues like a cap and diploma or anything that these are graduation announcements. Of course, figuring I'm sending these to a lot of old people, I want it to be very clear that I want money and not a serving dish or toaster. So I'm still debating.

Maybe I'll just go door-to-door announcing my graduation personally and hold out a bucket for money like trick or treating. Cause, ya know, I'm all about proper etiquette.



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