Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fall in line, kids

So the new USNWR rankings came out today (er, well they did if you stalk nerdy law school message boards, as I do...they come out officially on April 1st.) UT fell a spot, though no one actually passed them. Chicago stayed the same. USC moved up a spot.

So how does this affect my world? I don't really think it does. I still don't want to go to Chicago. And USC still hasn't given me a full scholarship offer, which would be the only thing to lure me away. So that puts me still at UT, which is good since I am leaving for their admitted students weekend tomorrow.

I got an e-mail from my tour guide tonight. He's a 3L. I wonder if I'll get to meet Buffalo Wings and Vodka guy. That would be cool. And then I could shake his hand all stalker-esque, and with glassy eyes tell him that I've read every one of his blogs and I sometimes climb the trees outside his place to spy on him.....er....wait....no I don't. But it'd be funny if I did. Maybe one day someone will stalk my blog.

Nah, that'll never happen.

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At 10:41 PM, April 02, 2006, Blogger The Lioness said...

As an update, I did spot Buffalo Wings and Vodka guy at Admitted Students Weekend. Didn't get to talk to him though. Honestly, he looked arrogant. But then again, he's the editor of fucking LAW REVIEW (!!) and writes a blog that makes me nearly die of laughter every time I read it. So I guess he's entitled to a little arrogance!


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