Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh, now you've got to be kidding me!

So, because between Gilmore Girls reruns I had very little to do, I decided to check the UT Freshlaw site to print out the itinerary for Perspective Students Day. And what do i find?


Seriously, are you kidding me? I thought this weekend was UT kissing my ass and wooing me into choosing them over other schools. And they want me to do homework first!? Weird. Oh, I'll do it, in utmost obsessive law student style. But really, it can't be starting already can it?

And this raises all kinds of other questions--so the mock law classes we are having...are we expected to be prepared for Socratic scrutinization? Seriously? Will it be like a cheap magic show where there are obvious plants in the audience, aka a few youthful, rosy-cheeked 2L's scattered to perfectly answer the professors questions? Or will it be just the opposite? Will they pick the few of the pity admits and ridicule them with completely over the top questions until the poor students are shriveled and mumbling incoherently under the desks, just to impress the folks with higher numbers? Geez. Gotta go. I've got some reading to do.



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