Saturday, February 24, 2007

A prom confession

When one thinks of high school prom, one thinks of spiked punch, corsages, slow dancing, hotel rooms, and getting lucky, right? Well I have a confession: if those things are definitive of prom, tonight's Casino Night will be my first real prom. Why? Well, for starters because I went to boarding school for performing arts. Let's take a stroll down memory lane:

Prom #1- Sophomore year.
Hot hometown football player invited me to go to prom at the high school I would have gone to, had I not gone to boarding school instead. I was thoroughly excited. He picked me (and two other couples) up in his old beat up pick-up truck, then proceeded to drive everyone to a very fancy establishment for our pre-prom dinner. Oh yes, we dined at none other than T.G.I.Fridays. We got to the prom (which was held in the same location they do livestock auctions and rodeos in our hometown), took pictures, and then sat at a table with a bunch of other football players and their dates. They had all decided beforehand that dancing was stupid and they weren't going to participate. After 20 minutes, our dates decided they had suffered all the prom they could handle and we left to go to a post-party. The post party was broken up by the cops within the hour. So we tried another party. Also busted shortly thereafter. Since the guys couldn't figure out where to go, I got out my cell phone and called my dad. I explained that everyone in this town was moronic, and could everyone come to our place? Of course they could. So, my dad became the "coolest dad ever", broke out his grill at 11:30 at night, made burgers and virgin margaritas for half the football team and their dates while everyone crammed into our living room to watch Carrie, Office Space, and Monty Python. What crazy debauchery, I know.

Prom #2-Junior year.
My boarding school didn't have prom, we had morp (prom spelled backwards. This was done as a statement to how anti-mainstream we were.) We all boarded a bright yellow schoolbus in our fancy attire, and were taken to the hotel where the prom was being held. We ate dinner there, and it was good, though I distinctly remember someone spilling bright pink punch all over me. Not that it mattered, because after dinner, everyone changed into the jeans they had brought with them to begin dancing. At this point, my on-again-off-again boyfriend and I decided to have an argument that lasted the entire rest of the evening. At midnight, we re-boarded the bright yellow schoolbuses and had finally made up. Which was great, cause that meant we got to go back to our dorms. Alone. Uber-fun.

Prom #3-Senior year.
As co-chair of the Morp committee, I got to spend the entire day planning our masquerade morp. Being a senior and on the committee kind of had its advantages, because at least I didn't have to ride there in a school bus. However, I also remember that we had chosen to do beta fish in vase centerpieces, and the first part of my senior morp was consumed by dealing with dead fish. Anyways, my date that year was my gay best friend Thomas, who was lots of fun until he discovered that "hot dance major Lawrence" thought he was cute and they spent the rest of the evening grinding on the dance floor together. At midnight, we all boarded the school buses to be taken to a bowling alley, and we proceeded to go bowling in our formal wear until 2am, then reboarded the buses and were taken back to the dorms. "Lights out" was at 3, after all.

Never was there alcohol. Never was there dancing. Never was there a crazy post-prom party in a hotel room. So, tonight, tonight! I hope to do it right. I plan to participate in every ridiculous high school cliche I can tonight. Consider yourselves warned.



At 4:20 PM, February 24, 2007, Blogger 1L @ UT Law said...

This post brought back the long forgotten memory of watching A Bug's Life w/my date and friends after my G-rated Senior Prom. Hope you have fun tonight!

At 12:13 PM, February 25, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

after my senior prom everyone came over to my house and we watched movies and made ice cream sundaes. then the boys went to my date's house (around the corner) the girls slept over with me and we went over to scott's later and his mom made us a bad ass breakfast.

it doesn't get any more g-rated than that. i still contend i would have won prom queen if it weren't for my dorky date.


At 4:33 PM, February 25, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe you deleted comments. If you aren't walking away with a tarnished reputation, you surely didn't have a true high school prom experience.


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