Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,

then all the other UT blawgers and myself should theoretically be flattered by this new site that UT is using on their main web page:

Too bad I'm more appalled than flattered.

It looks as though the University has hand picked a bunch of its "choice" undergrads, (while maintaining gender, race, age, and major diversity, of course), set them up with cookie-cutter University-sponsored blogs, and let them write PC, University-approved impressions of campus life in hopes of drawing in prospective students. That's some accurate journalism for ya.

I find this really dissapointing, mainly because I *did* read student blogs (and not the University-approved version) when deciding on one law school over another. While it certainly wasn't my main consideration, reading the students from Chicago Law (where the blawgs all sounded angry, terror-stricken, sadistic, or any comination therein) compared to Texas (I think everyone here is pretty familiar with Wings and Vodka and Ruth) , made me much more comfortable with the decision I had made.

Basically, if UT wants to show prospective students, or anyone else for that matter, what being a student is really like, there are undoubtedly a handful of solid student bloggers in undergrad just as there are in law school. But sponsoring puppets to write University-approved glossy images of student life is just pathetic.



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